Not only does singing and dancing play an important cultural role in our lives, but it also plays a significant role in our development. Music plays a part in celebrations, holidays, movies, and worship. Children see it on a daily basis, and it helps them learn many things as they grow.

Music is an instinctive way that parents can soothe and calm their children, help them to go to sleep at night or help them feel safe and secure when they are scared or get hurt. Music is also a part of games and playtime, helping to teach them their ABC’s or the parts of their bodies. After you have heard “Let It Go” for the hundredth time, you will have no doubt that music will remain a constant part of your child’s enjoyment of life.

The best part of music is that it can help to create academic achievement since it inspires many areas of your little one’s development through language, motor skills, and overall literacy. Not only does it help your mind and body to work together, but it also allows you to practice self-expression, strengthen memory skills, and most important of all, it gives us joy.

Children, in particular, love moving and dancing to music. Toddlers especially love repetitious songs that use words and memorization. Silly songs is especially entertaining for toddlers, and they love songs where they can clap and tap along.

Preschoolers just love to sing to be singing, they aren’t at all self-conscious, and they want to be loud and heard by all. The best songs for preschoolers have words and melodies that are repetitive with a definite beat that wants them to do certain actions. They love finger plays and nursery rhymes, plus songs that have familiar things to them like animals and toys.

Studies have shown that children who have learned eight nursery rhymes songs by heart by the age of four will usually be the best spellers and readers in their class by the second grade. So, why are nursery rhyme songs so helpful in a young child’s development?


  • They are a great way to teach early phonic skills which most schools use as the main way to teach reading.
  • Children are given an opportunity to practice language rhythm along with pitch and volume.
  • They expand children’s imagination.
  • They teach a clear sequence of event.
  • Often becoming children’s first sentences, nursery rhymes are easy to repeat.
  • They improve a children’s vocabulary, and they are an early form of poetry.


Here are a few Spring Songs to help entertain your little one or, if you are a teacher, they can be a helpful brain break to help transition your class to their next lesson.​

20. Spring Song by HappyKids

After a long hard winter, it is time to celebrate the arrival of warm weather and all the new life that spring brings with it. Spring Song will get kids up and dancing as they get excited about the Spring Season.

19. Spring is Here by The Learning Station

The Learning Station combines music with movement to create a fun song for kids to learn about the change in season. Spring is Here allows children to dance, sing, and play along as they learn all about the signs of spring. This is also a great song for any English as a second language (ESL) children’s learning programs.

18. Can You Plant a Bean by Dance ‘n Beats

Dance ‘n Beats combines songs with research-based movements that is designed specifically for children between the ages of two and six. Can You Plant a Bean not only teaches kids how plants grow, but it uses 21 key movements that encourage physical fitness and help children increase muscle control?

17. Spring Song for Children

One way to teach children learning English as a second language is an educational and fun-filled song about the coming season. Spring Song also comes with lyrics and worksheets that help reinforce the educational lessons of this song to help young children learning English in preschool and early elementary.

16. Spring Arrival by Little Fox

Spring Arrival is an animated song that is part of the Little Fox’s award-winning library of songs and stories that are developed at different learning levels. Spring Arrival is perfect for those children that are learning English as a second language (ESL) to work on their vocabulary with a fun-filled song.

15. Singing in the Rain by The Learning Station

If you are looking for a fun action song that involves dancing and silly movement, Singing in the Rain is the perfect song for children of all ages. This is a great brain break song that can be used when introducing spring as a season, and it allows them to actively participate while they learn.

14. The Caterpillar

Not all kids’ songs have to be high energy. If you are looking for a good song for music therapy, The Caterpillar helps kids work on language concepts, gives plenty of opportunity for creative movement, and is perfect for kids with special needs, especially those on the autism spectrum.

13. Springtime Dance by Jack Hartmann

If you are looking for a great brain break song, Springtime Dance will help get the wiggles out, but also get everyone excited about spring. This upbeat song will help you transition your little ones to their next lesson with movement and song.

12. SPRING by Musical Playground

SPRING is a fun and educational song for children to help them celebrate the coming of a new season. Musical Playground creates songs with their love for music and they design songs that are age appropriate, and something children will love to sing and dance to.

11. Herman the Worm by The Learning Station

Herman the Worm is one of the more popular children’s songs by The Learning Station that includes fun movements that help kids get their sillies out. It also features vocabulary, counting, and sequencing so that they will be learning while they enjoy the adventure of a cute little worm.

10. Umbrellas Go Up

One thing you can always count on in the springtime is some rain! Rain boots and rain jackets can be the norm for many children, so they will be able to relate to Umbrellas Go Up. This is a fun action song that parents can sing with their toddler as they put on their rain gear and head out on a rainy adventure.

9. Five Little Ducks by The Learning Station

Five Little Ducks is a well-liked nursery rhyme song that includes simple and easy to learn lyrics with fun-filled movements that helps little ones learn the numbers 1-5 while teaching basic math skills. Children will enjoy the cute animated version of the song while they sing and dance along.

8. Spring Forward (Fall Back) Daylight Saving Time song

The time change is confusing to everyone, even adults, so only imagine how it affects little ones. Since this can be a difficult subject to teach to a young child, this is an easy to understand song that helps them understand the spring time change in a fun-filled way.

7. The Way The Bunny Hops by The Kiboomers

When it is Easter time, it is always fun to have a good bunny song handy. The Way The Bunny Hops is easy to learn using simple words that little ones can easily follow and sing along too. This is also a fun-filled way to get hop out some wiggles when they get antsy!

6. Five Spring Flowers by Littlestorybug

Spring Flowers will help your preschoolers get excited about springtime. Littlestorybug has created a fun-filled song that all kids can relate to and see in their own yard. Kids can sing along while they count the flowers in the song and by recognizing all the colors of the flowers.

5. Five Green and Speckled Frogs by The Kiboomers

Five Green and Speckled Frogs is a fun song that will get kids moving and counting. It has repetitive versus so children will learn the song quickly, plus it introduces simple subtraction as the Green and Speckled Frogs jump off of their log.

4. Plants Are Growing by KIDS VIDS SCJ

If you are looking for a colorful but simple song about Spring, this is a simple movement song to gets kids dancing, so most of it is instrumental, but there are a few lyrics to help kids think about all the plants that grow in the springtime.

3. Spring is HERE by ELF Learning

ELF Learning has created a song about Spring that will help kids understand the senses by asking, What do we see, hear, smell and feel? This spring song was created to celebrate the senses as well as get kids thinking about how they use their senses every day.

2. The Needs of a Plant

With springtime comes new plants and gardens, children love to learn how things grow and how they can help take care of the plants. The Needs of a Plant is an innovative take on teaching kids about the five things that plants need to live.

1. Hungry Caterpillar by The Learning Station

All children love the Hungry Caterpillar story and The Learning Station has created a fun spring activity song that children can dance, sing, and play along with as they learn about the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to a butterfly. This is also a great song for any English as a second language (ESL) children’s learning programs.